Communication Event

Thursday July 13, 2023

Call to schedule a time between 1 p.m. and 4 p.m.

Huron County Administration Building

Advisors: Please make sure every member participating in the county Communication Event receives a copy of this information and understands the guidelines for participation

  1. To enter the Huron County Communication Event, call the Extension Office and register July 12 with a topic, age, and name of category.
  2. For team demonstrations, indicate who the team members names, ages, and topic.

A team consists of two people sharing the speaking and teaching roles. When members of a team fall into different age categories, they will participate in the older class.

  1. No large animals may be used.
  2. A small animal must be under 20 pounds and meet all health requirements established by the ODA.
  3. No firearms, bows, arrows, weapons, air pistols or air rifles paintball guns, gun cases or any reasonable facsimile are permitted.
  4. Any power tools used require protective gear and must follow correct safety procedures.
  5. A club may have any number of entries in each of the following categories.

The County will not provide laptop, screen, LCD projector or extension cords.  We do have Wi-Fi connection available at the County level, but it is not available at the State level.

All State Fair Demonstrations will be given Thursday, Aug. 3, at the Rhodes Center.

A club member may enter any of the following categories:


Click here for the rules and rubrics of the Communication event