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Annual Volunteer Training

The Ohio State university and Ohio 4-H has updated the annual volunteer requirements for ALL Volunteers.

Yearly Volunteer Training Requirements (2-hour min.)

  • County Updates (1 Hr.)
  • Youth Activities & Program Policy (formerly known as Policy. 1.50) (approx. 25 mins)
  • Competency Training – (30 mins)

Due to the statewide training change, there are no online training options at this time. All volunteers must complete an in-person training.

Here is the link to RSVP


Volunteer Training Dates

New Volunteers

All new 4-H volunteers must complete the approval process before beginning their volunteer service. 4-H volunteers include club advisors, Junior Fair superintendents and others who might have “care, custody or control” of 4-H members. 

Huron County 4-H will accept new volunteers from November 1, 2023 – April 1, 2024. New volunteers must have everything completed by April 1. After April 1, 2024 the perspective volunteer will have to wait until November 1, 2024, to apply and go through the process. This process includes

  1. New Volunteer Application
  2. Review References on Application
  3. Interview with 4-H Educator
  4. Fingerprint Background Check
  5. Attend New Volunteer Training
  6. Attend Annual Volunteer Training
  7. Receiving denial or approval letter

To start the new volunteer process please fill out a new volunteer application:



Occasional Quantity Cooks Online Volunteer Training

Ohio State University Extension provides training for Extension volunteers and employees who provide leadership to the preparation and/or service of food at sponsored events. Occasional Quantity Cooks training materials are designed to raise your awareness and increase your knowledge regarding food safety. 


This training will help you prepare as you plan for, prepare and deliver food for a one time event in your county. When engaged in programs/activities that include food preparation and/or service, Ohio State University Extension faculty, staff, and volunteers must follow local and state food preparation and service guidelines (when applicable); adhere to appropriate licensing procedures; and be knowledgeable of food safety guidelines. Earning a 70% or higher in the course is required to receive a certificate of completion. Don't forget to print a copy of your certificate and give it to your County Educator as verification that you have completed this training. 


Students will learn basic practices for handling food safely, including good personal hygiene, preventing cross contamination, time and temperature abuse and proper cleaning and sanitizing.


Please click the link below for directions to access the Occasional Quantity Cooks Online Volunteer Training.


Ohio 4-H Conference 

For 2024 Ohio 4-H Conference Information, please see Forms and Applications tab under 4-H Youth Development.